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No Sita Maa yet, says writer Vijayendra Prasad, newcomer may play Sita

All speculation about who will play Sita in the new version of the Ramayan as seen through the eyes of Sita, can be laid to rest. The veteran writer Vijayendra Prasad who is writing Sita told this writer that the actor for the role is yet to be finalized.

No Sita Maa yet, says writer Vijayendra Prasad, newcomer may play Sita

His words: “We have not yet finalized who will play Sitamaa’s character. We will shortly announce a name.” Sources say the project is looking at casting a new face as Sita, as established faces would not be acceptable to the audience.

“When Deepika Chikhlia played Sita in Ramanand Sagar’s serial Ramayan the audiences were not familiar with her face. They willingly accepted her as Sit. But if today Deepika Padukone plays Sita they will be looking at Deepika, not Sita,” explains a source close to the project.

The “news” of Kareena Kapoor Khan being offered the part of Sita in the new telling of the Ramayan written by K Vijayendra Prasad and directed by Alaukik Desai, not only turned out to be false they also elicited a vehement response from netizens. It was also being slyly suggested that Kareena “may not” do the role as the producers can’t afford the 12-crore fee she has demanded.

But when I asked veteran writer K Vijayendra Prasad he denied the report emphatically. “No no no,” was his reply.

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