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Ramayan’s ‘Ravan’ Arvind Trivedi’s Death News Rubbished By ‘Lakshman’ Sunil Lahri, Requests Everyone To Stop Spreading Fake News!

<p>Veteran actor Arvind Trivedi, who played the character of &lsquo;Ravan&rsquo; in Ramanand Sagar&rsquo;s Ramayan, became an unlikely victim of a death hoax once again! Sadly last year too around the same time the actor had to face such rumours and now once again false news of his death surfaced on social media.</p>
<p>However, Trivedi&rsquo;s co-star Sunil Lahri who played the role of Lakshman in Ramayan has quashed death rumours of his former co-actor and friend Arvind Trivedi.</p>
<p>Lahri also requested everyone not to spread fake news in such stressful times.</p>
<p>Sharing two photos of Arvind, Sunil took to Instagram and wrote, "Aajkal Koi Na Koi Buri Khabar sunane Ko milati Hai carona ki vajah se, Upar Se Arvind Trivedi ji (Ravan) ki jhuthi khabar, Meri Prathna Hai jhuthi afwah failane Walon se kripya Karke Is Tarah ki khabar na failaye… Bhagwan ki Daya se Arvind ji theek hain aur Prathna Karta Hun Ki Bhagwan unhen sadaiv Swasth rakhen (These days we keep hearing bad news due to Covid-19, but the news of Arvind Trivedi Ji’s demise is false. I request those who are spreading fake news to stop. With God’s mercy, Arvind Ji is fine. I pray for his healthy life).</p>
<p>In May last year, similar news started to spread which made Arvind’s nephew take to his Twitter account to clarify that it was untrue.</p>
<p>Last year during the nationwide lockdown, all the yesteryear actors of Ramayan once again became an internet sensation after the show was re-run on many popular channels on television. The show once again set a world record by becoming the highest viewed entertainment program globally.</p>

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