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‘He Is Trying To…’: Kangana Ranaut’s Sister Rangoli Reacts To Anand Bhushan Pledging To Never Work With ‘Thalaivi’ Actress

<p><span data-contrast="auto">Fashion designer Anand Bhushan issued a statement on social media to announce that he is removing all the previous collaboration pictures with Kangana Ranaut from his company&rsquo;s social media handles. He shared the post on Twitter and Instagram and stated that he won&rsquo;t work with the &lsquo;Queen&rsquo; actress in the future as his &lsquo;brand doesn&rsquo;t support hate speech&rsquo;. The designer made the announcement after Twitter suspended Kangana&rsquo;s account for violating the rules.</span><span data-ccp-props="{&quot;201341983&quot;:0,&quot;335559739&quot;:160,&quot;335559740&quot;:259}">&nbsp;</span></p>
<p><span data-contrast="auto">Kangana&rsquo;s sister Rangoli Chandel posted a note on her Instagram story, expressing her displeasure over Bhushan&rsquo;s statement. She accused him of &lsquo;trying to get mileage on Kangana&rsquo;s name&rsquo;.</span><span data-ccp-props="{&quot;201341983&quot;:0,&quot;335559739&quot;:160,&quot;335559740&quot;:259}">&nbsp;</span></p>
<p><span data-contrast="auto">Chandel said that she would take legal action against Anand as he &lsquo;claimed to disassociate himself&rsquo; with the &lsquo;Panga&rsquo; actress.&nbsp;</span><span data-ccp-props="{&quot;201341983&quot;:0,&quot;335559739&quot;:160,&quot;335559740&quot;:259}">&nbsp;</span></p>
<p><span data-contrast="auto">&ldquo;This person Anand Bhushan is trying to get mileage on Kangana’s name, we are not associated with him in anyway, we don’t even know him. Many influential handles are tagging him and dragging Kangana’s name with his brand. Kangana charges crores for any brand endorsement but editorial shoots are not brand endorsements, neither we choose or select those clothes, magazine editors pick those ensemble looks, this&nbsp;</span><span data-contrast="auto">small time</span><span data-contrast="auto">&nbsp;designer is using India’s top actress name to promote himself. I have decided to sue him, he will have to prove in the court how and where we had any endorsement with him now that he is claiming to disassociate himself. See you in the court,&rdquo; Chandel wrote on her Instagram story.&nbsp;</span><span data-ccp-props="{&quot;201341983&quot;:0,&quot;335559739&quot;:160,&quot;335559740&quot;:259}">&nbsp;</span></p>
<p><span data-ccp-props="{&quot;201341983&quot;:0,&quot;335559739&quot;:160,&quot;335559740&quot;:259}"><br /><img src="; /></span></p>
<p><span data-contrast="auto">Earlier in the day, Anand Bhushan posted a statement to inform everyone that he won&rsquo;t work with Kangana in &lsquo;any capacity in the future&rsquo;. Swara Bhasker appreciated the designer for taking a stand and &lsquo;calling out hate speech&rsquo;.</span></p>
<p><span data-contrast="auto">Watch this space for more updates!</span></p>

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