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Watch: Rakhi Sawant CRIES Her Eyes Out Thanking Salman Khan After Her Mother’s Successful Cancer Operation!

<p>It was indeed a huge relief for Rakhi Sawant&nbsp; as her mother Jaya Bheda successfully underwent operation on Monday and is now cancer-free. It was an overwhelming moment for Rakhi who got emotional and broke down in-front of media expressing her joy and gratitude for the same.</p>
<p>While thanking Salman Khan and his entire family for helping Rakhi financially and getting the best doctors for her mother&rsquo;s treatment the Bigg Boss 14 finalist Rakhi Sawant couldn’t stop herself from breaking down in-front of the paparazzi.</p>
<p>Falling down on her knees and continuously thanking actor Salman Khan and his brother, actor Sohail Khan for their help at her time of need with folded hands Rakhi said, &ldquo;My mother&rsquo;s case was very difficult. I don&rsquo;t want anything in life but my mother. Thank you Sohail bhai, Salman bhai. You gave my mother a new life. Salman ji got the best doctor for my mother, who is a cancer specialist. He treated my mother. I thank God for sending us an Angel in form of Salman ji.&rdquo;</p>
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<p>Earlier on Monday morning before the operation, Rakhi had informed fans through her social media account that her mother is going to be operated yet another time for removal of her tumour.</p>
<p>On a related note, it was during her stint in&nbsp; Bigg Boss 14 when Rakhi revealed about her mother&rsquo;s ill health. She was among the finalists but chose to quit the reality show in the finale episode. She chose to exit the show with a cash prize of ₹14 lakhs, citing her mother&rsquo;s health.</p>

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