By Aryeman


One line tagline – Perfect introspection of Life in the pandemic.

Rating 4.5 Stars

What the film is all about?

Depression, rejection and anxiety pangs have been paramount pointers for most of us during this pandemic phase. The film premise breaks the shackles of dejection, loneliness and cash crunch from the usual films which have been made with the suicide angle.

What makes it interesting?

Resurrection is a must watch for sure, primarily for the positivity around which the narration is centred. Films which have a learning surely touch your heartstrings more effectively.

Writing & Direction review:

Actor Siddhant Issar turns writer-director for this project. I remember being stunned for his outstanding, ballistic performance in a theatre play which also featured his father (actor Puneet Issar) in the lead role.

The screenplay is systematically well-layered, without any inferences of most films you have previously watched. The message has been symbolically narrated which makes the story acceptable and strongly etches out with the audience. The story-telling is enhanced with crisp editing and commendable background score.

On the direction front, the film refuses to bow down to clichéd filmy twists normally associated with Bollywood inferences. Siddhant, the director has managed to retain audiences with sharp scene-cutting and made the plot interesting.

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Acting review:

Without giving out any spoilers, actor Siddhant Issar maintains his dignity without going overboard on the acting front. His baritone dialogue delivery, formidable screen persona and eye-catching intensity prove that he’s an actor to watch out for. Issar Junior has surely made his Papa proud with prefect deliverables towards this film.

Kanishka Soni is pitch-perfect with the multi-layered character she portrays. Good job.

Amongst the secondary cast which has been commendable, the highlight is the guest appearances from actors like Gufi Paintal and theatre actor Rahul Bhuchar. Watch out for another baritone and shinning, stable performance in the climax.

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What could have been better?

The 23 minute duration could have been tweaked to make it crispier. The shot-taking was an excessive usage of the same shot angles, which seemed to create a boredom. Since some of the important dialogues were in English, sub-titles for the regional audiences could be a booster.

#IndiaTVTimess is proud of Siddhant Issar’s foray into film-making. But yes, your best is to come as a full-fledged, menacing villain in a Bollywood film or web series. Keep rocking!