By Aryeman

After the huge success of Alt Balaji’s Class of 2020 season 2, it’s been official that Ekta Kapoor and Vikas Gupta are coming up with the Third season of a class of 2020. Rohan Mehra’s character ‘Ibrahim’ who is adored by all his fans are eager to see how his life alters after the huge discovery is the season two finale episode. For all the fans who are thinking that love is going to fade away, they can be at peace as through confirmed sources it’s been made official that this season will have a new cast who will be Ibrahim’s love interest and that’s played by Ace of Space star Shruti Sinha.

When asked Rohan about his feelings on his character switch from being a Casanova to a man in true love, he responded by saying  “it’s been said that my character is going through a slight personality change as Ibrahim is finally going to embrace his emotional side and fall in love with a girl, it will be fun to experience it as Ibrahim who had always tried to run away from emotional attachment in the previous season, and If the pandemic situations stay under control, the shoot will start in August and the fans will get to see this new season in 2020 itself. ”