By Aryeman

Pravisht Mishra, popularly known as Anirudh Roy Choudhary from COLORS’ hit show Barrister Babu, is a firm believer in solo workouts. In fact, the actor has turned into a fitness instructor for his co-stars on the sets and is often seen teaching them  doing squats. The actor believes that freehand solo workouts are a great way to strengthen one’s core which helps build immunity.

Commenting on the same Pravisht Mishra said, “We are all trying to get used to the new normal. And during this time, working out is very important as we need to boost our immunity levels. Since my co-stars and I are not able to hit the gym given the current circumstances, I thought we could practice working out on the sets. We have started doing freehand exercises like squats almost everyday. I have always been a proponent of freehand exercises because you can do them anytime and you don’t need any special equipment. Also, It feels nice to be teaching them as we have a lot of fun working out between takes!”