Ridheema Tiwari stays slim with healthy juices during #Lockdown


By Aryeman



While most TV actors are waiting for beauty parlours to open up, actor Ridheema Tiwari‘s skin is glowing bright and she’s looking slim, svelte and stunning.


The gorgeous actor is spending some quality time with her hubby and conjuring up some truly bliss health juices and foods in the Quarantine and #Lockdown mode. She’s been experimenting with various versions of healthy juices and her favourite is the one with spinach and pudina.

When quizzed about her take on the latest Keto diet trend, this is what Ridheema had to say, “This New Fad that would fizzle out soon. Research has proved that the Keto diet could cause low blood pressure, constipation, nutrient deficiencies and even an increased risk of heart disease. Strict diets like Keto must be done per medical guidance”.

It’s great to know that this charismatic actor is all for natural and healthy food even during the Lockdown.

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