By Aryeman



One line synopsis – What happens when you spouse takes you for granted during the Quarantine and Lockdown period.

Film Review – Hats off to actor Vatsal Sheth to make the most of the quarantine period and shooting, completing, executing and launching not just his production house but also his first film. The theme and story line is a basic one without any frills attached. As disclosed, the film has been shot on mobile phones and taking into consideration the security aspects for social distancing.

On the story front, you get a very basic paper-thin message which has been laid out without any fancy frills. As a writer and director, Vatsal could have added some spunk to this message.

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On the production front, the background score (dubbing and music) is impressive which leaves a professional touch to the film. Like I said, it’s a very basic film which could have been fleshed out with more impact.

On the acting front, Vatsal and Ishita are natural and their on-screen chemistry is wonderful.

Rating: 3 Stars