Zee5’s Short film Review: Svah! So be it – Inflamed with a perfect punch.

mumbai short film reviewer - aryeman (7)

By Aryeman



One line synopsis – When his parents coming visiting your family and there are some secrets your parents want to hide.

Review – Svah! So be it is a perfect film, period. Directed by Gauri Daswani, this 11 minute film conveys just the right messages, without whiling any time on the story narration, packs the perfect acting performances and viola…you have a winner on hand.  You would love the climax and kudos to Zee5 for having this movie in your short film bouquet package.

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The scripting is perfect with no loose ends, no junk to extend the timeline of the story-telling.

Acting performances – Shriya Pilgaonkar, Rajit Kapur and Shilpa Tulaskar are so natural and endearing, you would empathise with their feelings. The entire star cast has been brilliantly chosen.

Rating – 4 Stars

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