By Aryeman



One Line synopsis – You are just about to commit suicide and you have an unknown visitor.

Review: When you have a seasoned stalwart like Naseeruddin Shah giving his nod for this short film, you are sure it is worth a watch. Somehow, the story premise of the short film Half Full is a brilliant one. The script has been logically structured to have a winner but somehow it fails to strike that Xing for a perfect 10. Those scintillating acting moments (even if for a fraction of seconds) from Naseer are somehow not evident. Here the script has overpowered the actor.

Vikrant Massey has tactfully handled his performance with ease. While the script is perfect, director Karan Rawal has competently managed the pitch in 12 minutes. But like I stressed earlier, I failed to see that Naseer magic.

Rating – 4 Stars

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