mumbai short film reviewer - aryeman (2)

By Aryeman



One line synopsis   –   When your past returns back to your life and hell breaks loose.

Star Cast:

Rajeev Khandelwal

Priyamani Raj

Sanjay Suri

Vipin Sharma

Review – It’s quite apparent that the film director Tanuj Bhramar isn’t   aware of what makes a web series or a web film engrossing. Imagine a film that is wobbling with scenic landscape locations and the actual plot starts after 30 minutes of waiting. Today’s audiences are sharp enough to log off and move on to another series if the one they are watching doesn’t glue them in the first ten minutes.

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So on the direction aspect, the film is an absolute loser. Even while watching the entire movie (hoping that there would be that ‘bang’ moment), you hate yourself for having wasted your energies. The film has a lot of questions which remain unanswered, the slow pace surely makes this an ideal 1970’s film.

Writer Harsshil R. Patel should watch some more web films with a horror backdrop since this one is kids’ stuff even on the story angle.

The songs in the film are soothing but surely dampen the pace.

Acting performances – It’s quite shocking to note that seasoned actor Rajeev Khandelwal (who is known to be picky about his roles) opted for this film. There’s nothing interesting in the character he portrays. Priyamani Raj looks holistic and calm throughout the film. Her fashion styling is subtle and her acting is note-worthy. Sanjay Suri does a perfect job and his role has more substance than Khandelwal’s. Vipin Sharma lends good support.

Overall Rating – 2 Stars