Team Vidya’s new lockdown song is apt for this time_ Mahesh Pandey 

Team Vidya’s new lockdown song is apt for this time: Mahesh Pandey

After making the first Bhojpuri Lockdown song, Mahesh Pandey Productions under the supervision of Mahesh Pandey and wife Madhu Pandey has come up with a new Hindi lockdown song this time. The song is being telecast in the youtube channel, Vidya which is produced by them.

The song stars popular actors like Namish Taneja, Meera Deosthale, Vikrant Singh, maker Mahesh Pandey and his wife Madhu Pandey. Speaking about it, Mahesh says,” After we made the Bhojpuri Lockdown song which was a first of its kind, I thought of doing it in the Hindi language as well. Vidya is loved by masses and I thought of making this with the team. Music is a universal language understood by all. Government and Police are doing their duty with a lot of dedication, still educated people are not listening. That is when I realised music has a different power and why not use it. The song has been conceptualized by me, sung by Om Jha and Saloni Bharadwaj and edited by Chirag Jain.