How Priya Banerjee’s impulsive purchase is keeping her sane during the Lockdown period?

By Aryeman

Actress Priya Banerjee who will be shortly seen in Vikram Bhatt’s Twisted 3 purchased a  treadmill amidst of Corona Virus. Obeying PM Narendra Modi’s decision Priya said Yes to the Lockdown but no to stopping her from working out , she even shared her views on the current situation going in the world.

Talking about her decision to purchase a treadmill Priya said ” So basically I was at the gym and somebody sent me a link that the gyms are going to be shut so I spoke to my Gym owner and he said yes it’s going to be shut from midnight till 31st March and then I felt that the situation was going to bad and I just assumed that it can be longer than 31st March. I even thought that sometimes I am shooting till late night and I am pretty exhausted so it gets difficult for me to go to the gym to workout so it’s always nice to have a treadmill at home. I do enjoy running a lot so I just thought why not just get a treadmill. So it’s always good to be good working out at home rather than travelling to the gym .So that was the whole idea which went on to my head within an hour. So I went on internet and ordered a mini cute looking treadmill which is fold-able as well I can take it to places even if I am travelling or shifting to another place in future. So I think that was a good idea because now I can do push ups , sit ups , abs workout and even run which is great. I am not really worried about gym opening anymore I can quarantined for like ever (laughs).  I’m glad I bought it .

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