Vivian Dsena – Life is not being a social butterfly and partying every evening.

By Aryeman
Vivian Dsena, who was last seen in the show Shakti — Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki, is known to keep a low profile and in spite of being such a low key, the actor has a huge fan following. He is a man of principles and lives life one day at a time.
In the light of the corona pandemic when the shoots have come to a halt lending the actors in television and film industry a much-deserved break, Vivian Dsena urges everyone to stay indoors and practise cleanliness. The actor says,” I wash my hands ten times a day and it has been a way of life for me ever since I can remember. We don’t need a virus to teach us humans about keeping ourselves clean and suddenly realize the value of life. There is no change in my lifestyle as I hardly have a social life. I mind my own business. I am a happy person with few people and I don’t need thousand friends and selfies to validate me who I am. People who matter to me know exactly what I am and to rest I am not accountable.  No one should panic and also practise social distancing, which will further prevent the spread of the virus. We all must introspect as what we want from life and do a reality check. Life is not being a social butterfly and partying every evening. Be a good human being than being something else before.    One needs to balance life and career”

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