Renuka Shahane is a regular face in online space and after the success of her first web show ‘What the folks’ she is all set to entertain her fans with a medical comedy “Starting Troubles” which is directed by Abhinav Kamal.
‘Starting Troubles’ is a web series based on real life events as described in a best-selling book on medical innovations by Dr Jagdish Chaturvedi called “Inventing Medical Devices” released in the year 2016.It’s a transformational journey of a student doctor who turns into a medical innovator under the guidance of Dr Kavita Gowda. While the new innovations causes turbulence amongst colleagues, Dr Kavita is determined to make this invention happen and protects his future.
India’s first medical humor web series also stars actors like Dr Jagdish Chaturvedi, Renuka Shahane, Kurush Deboo, Anushka, Rajesh PI, Bharat Chawla, Jui Pawar, Aditi Rawal, Vikrant Mehata, Neha Pathak  and cameo by Rahul Subramanian, Sanjay Manaktala, Manish Tyagi , Praveen Kumar, Mandar Bhide, and many others.
The 6 episodic web series is produced by Gunda Srinivas, Paramesh Shwarans and Peeru Kaushik under the banner Ten Motion Arts Pvt Ltd & Hiiih Innovations Pvt Ltd and directed by Abhinav Kamal.