7 Unanswered questions in Netflix series Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega

By Aryeman


Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega surely deserves a 5-star rating for the engrossing, fast moving storyline. Not only are the characters truly rustic, screenplay loaded with original scenes – the web series is surely a #BingeWatching for entertainment lovers.

While viewing the series, I somehow felt some gaps or questions which were never answered during the course of the series.

Here’s the list:

  1. Gudiya agrees to marry Sunny and asks him to pay 3 lakh rupees to her mother as per the deal. There is no mention of the balance 2.5 lakh rupees which was supposed to be paid to her.


  1. If the money which is phished is transferred to senior citizens accounts, why couldn’t the Cyber Crime team use this as an evidence and get the account holders questioned or cross-examined on the source of account credit.


  1. Throughout the series, there is no hint as to how the contact leads for calling are sourced by the underage boys who make the calls. How do they actually get bank details of the credit cards or accounts which are being held to the callers?

  1. While all the boys who are arrested (in the latter half of the series), why are the two silent boys (who go bald) not arrested as being part of the gang?

  1. Using multiple SIM cards for call making to evade being tracked by the police is the modus operandi. There’s no investigation shown being done by the police for the racket of SIM issuance based on false documents. Not even a mention of this is made by inspector Biswa in court or otherwise.

  1. If the protagonist DCP (Dolly Sahu) gets a call that she has been transferred, how does she still go ahead with the climax scene in uniform? If there was a transfer notice period, this hasn’t been disclosed.

  1. There is no scene which shows the plight of the duped victim who realise the mistake they have committed by giving out crucial information.

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