Ekta Kapoor – Sex without consent is unacceptable.

Ekta Kapoor.JPG

By Aryeman

For someone who has always spoken her mind and been a trendsetter in whatever she has ventured into, Ekta Kapoor has always been a winner at providing unusual content for the OTT platform.

At the launch of Ragini MMS Season 2, Ekta minced no words or denied that her shows had a healthy dose of sex in it. She affirmed, “We all have sex, we love sex – it’s just that we have to be more vocal talking about it. I am all for sex but yes sex without consent is unacceptable. I will never promote it on my shows. Even today, there are many cases where marital rape is rampant. I had already handled this topic in my mega show ‘Kyun ki saas bhi bahu thi’. The audience couldn’t accept it then but the women folk from the interiors of India welcomed the bold message”.

With the new show Ragini MMS 2 coming up soon, be ready to get your dose of thrills and sex…in a well-packaged format.


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