By Aryeman

On December 5, MX Player launched the trailer of their most anticipated Original Series – ‘Queen’ which traces the life of Shakthi Seshadri – destiny’s child who fought against all the odds and owned it all. If you’ve already watched the trailer, you know why you need to binge watch the show and if you haven’t watched the trailer yet, we’ve noted down 5 reasons why you must not miss the show!

  1. The Queen Ramya Krishnan herself –Be it the unflappable Sivagami in Baahubali or now as Shakthi in Queen – Ramya has created a league of her own with powerful portrayals of strong female protagonists. In this series – she will be seen playing the role of a political icon, someone who ruled with benevolence as well as with an iron hand. It will be interesting to see her play a role like this. And that’s not it, this marks her digital debut as well!
  2. Political dramas are intriguing– Political dramas are always in demand: the thrill, the power and everything at stake – it’s all so unnerving and entertaining at the same time. And Queen seems to be that rare, unapologetic drama that doesn’t whitewash its’ characters but spells it like it is. This series traces the struggles, hardships and victories of the lead protagonist ‘Shakthi’
  3. It’s inspired by real life events– Watching a story that may have actually taken place is always enthralling. The series claims to be inspired by real life events that tells the tale of strong woman protagonist who is an actor, a politician and a Chief Minister.
  4. Helps you find the Shakthi in you– This is the story of Shakthi: her rise, struggles, her emotions for each relationship she has created and her journey to becoming Queen. An unrelenting woman who chose to embrace and excel at all of life’s choices, this is an inspiring saga that we recommend watching.
  5. You can watch it for FREE on MX Player– No subscription issues, no payment and premium content that you can binge watch for FREE. Now, what more can one ask for?

A journey of sacrifices, destruction, heartbreak, challenges and yet finding the strength to conquer the world at the end is what this MX Original Series is all about.