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By Aryeman

For starters, there’s more to ‘Hum Tum Aur Them’ than just the passionate lip-locking and erotic scene between the lead pair. The trailer may seem as another erotica loaded series but surely turns out to be a delectable ride with the trademark stamp of Deeya and Tony G Singh.

What makes it a binge watch?

HTAT’s lavish production values, quirky situations, crazy dialogues and of course Shweta Tiwari. Portraying a feminist who is out to settle her bearings post her divorce, Shiva’s (Shweta Tiwari) life turns topsy-turvy post a one-night stand. Post watching the series, I finally fathom the reason why Shweta agreed to be party with the hot, erotic and sensuously shot bedroom scenes. After all script is the king and this one is a winner all the way.


The audiences will surely fall in love with Akshay Oberoi. Playing the uber-cool, forty-plus Stud boy, Oberoi walks away with applause for taking the character two notches up. Sheer brilliance bro, you made me a fan of your acting.

The casting is perfect. Trupti Khamkar deserves a hug for being that supportive friend and adding the right punches.

bhavin-bhanushali-hits-new-success-on-tiktok-2-920x518.jpgBhavin Bhanushali, as the protective elder brother is poise personified and emerges strong with his character. Gautam Ahuja is endearing and will go places. Sara Khalid Gesawat’s is not just  a Barbie Doll, her performance in the climax keeps you thinking of the hidden potential she has. And of course, Aashika Bhatia’s naughtiness and crazy antics are a mirror-image of today’s Gen Next.

A special mention to writer Preeti Mamgain for layering the characters brilliantly. The script and concept has strong messages that are belted out seamlessly for every family to get a learning from. Screenplay and dialogues by Radhika Anand make the series so true to life. Akshay Oberoi and Trupti’s dialogues are just what the audiences are looking for. Subtle without hitting below the belt.

Kudos to Deeya and Tony Singh of course Alt Balaji for offering this slice of life series. Loved the twists which barge in at Episode 8 and of course the cliff-hanger in Episode 10. Surely there’s a season 2 coming up again.

Waiting for the magic, Akshay Oberoi – you make flirting and jumping beds seem like kids play!

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