By Aryeman

Besides gaining popularity for his show Baal Veer, actor Atul Verma’s theatre debut Mahabharat is also a huge hit. Talking about the same, he says, “I feel very blessed to be part of this show because here I am working with the old Mahabharat cast which is not less than a dream. I was born when the old Mahabharat was shot and guess was only 6-7 years old when I saw it. During my childhood days, I had never imagined or thought that one day I will perform with the same Duryodhan, Shakuni mama and guru Dronacharaya!”

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Acting in a play is no easy feat, says the actor. “The stage is really tough and different from camera acting as there are no retakes. There are more chances of improvisation, where you need to handle any unexpected situation but it’s fun to perform in front of 5000 people,” he adds.