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Secrets about how Big B married Jaya Bachchan

By Aryeman

In the upcoming Friday episode of KBC Karamveer, Dr. Ramana Rao will be gracing the Hot Seat along with his wife. Turns out that Dr. Rao had treated Mr. Bachchan sometime early in his career and has treasured an autograph since then. In a friendly banter, Dr. Rao’s wife narrated how they both got married – it was instantaneous! This in turn got Mr. Bachchan talking about his own wedding to Jaya Bachchan.

Said Mr. Bachchan, “Both Jaya and I were working together in a movie called Zanjeer at that time. We were making plans of going on a holiday abroad if the movie is hit. I hadn’t been to London and neither did Jaya. So once the movie released and became a box office success, we thought of putting our plan into action. Thereafter, I informed my parents that I am heading off to London with friends. My father asked me a few questions on how I will be travelling and who I will be travelling with. When I mentioned Jaya’s name amongst other friends, he immediately told me that Agar jaoge to vivaah kar ke jao… And that’s how we planned our wedding the very next day and proceeded to London.”

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