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Mohammad Nazim reinvents himself.

By Aryeman

Actor Mohammad Nazim is thrilled with the response his character Asgar Khan has been getting for the show Bahu Begum. The actor says that he has been getting some great compliments from his fans. “The response is very nice and I hope that the audience is going to like it in the future too. My character has gray shades and it has more scope for performance”.

The actor’s character has grey undertones and the actor says that it’s very different from what he has played before. “The role is very different and I am loving it. Every role that I have played has been different. This role in Bahu Begum is like that of a king. So, all my roles have been different and I am lucky to have got the chance to play these roles. An actor has to constantly re-invent himself as audiences want variety and the show must go on,” he says.

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