By Aryeman

It’s ironical that most reviews about Zee5’s latest offering “Barot House’ have similar ‘negative’ points of discussion which raised doubts about the futile endeavours to pull down a good thriller. Surely, casual chats post the film preview prompted most of them (the reviewers) to make such common, collaborative comments.

Barot House” surely is brilliant effort of ensuring that the viewer is engrossed throughout (except for a couple of minutes, which is understandable) while retaining the intriguing tempo of the 90 minute web film. Kudos to the Zee5 team for promoting such content for its premium audiences.


On the acting front, Amit Sadh displays sheer brilliance with his maniacal persona. This is surely one of his best performances, which has been subtly underplayed with perfect ease.

Manjari Fadnis’s breakdown scenes are the highlight, the emotional pathos is at its penultimate pinnacle and she surely deserves accolades as an actor.

The scene stealer of the film is the child actor Aaryan Menghji. His engrossing eyes and pitch-perfect performance surely hail him as the latest Wonder Kid of the glamour world.


Journalist-writer Praful Shah’s concept and research for this thriller has opened up avenues for more such real life stories which have been untapped and can be explored as web series. Being a seasoned media person, I can vouch that Shah has plethora of concepts which will hit the digital world and even Bollywood soon.

On the direction front, Bugs Bhargava has competently added the classy finesse to the storyline. His knack of tension-building and yet not revealing much is commendable. Good job!

Editing is crisp, the sequencing flow of character emergence is smooth flow. Screenplay did have some clichéd moments which are acceptable.


Producers Dhirajj Vinodd Kapoor,Seema Mohapatra, Jahanara Bhargava, , Bugs Bhargava and Hussain Shaikh have surely hit the bull’s eye by ensuring perfect production values for the project.