Rohit Verma to represent India at India Day Parade, Atlanta – IACA Festival of India

By Aryeman
It is not always that the tri-colour manifests itself to accommodate the myriad hues of the rainbow at its resplendent best. But when it does, you can be sure it spells inclusiveness and acceptance of sheer talent!
In this case, the talent we refer to is the amazing designer Rohit Verma who is doing India proud by walking the India Day Parade at Atlanta this August.
Designer Rohit Verma walking through ramp showcasing his new collection.jpeg
Verma, known for the classy Indianness in designs, will be displaying his amazing collection at the IACA Festival of India at Atlanta as well. He declares, “I am excited to be at the illustrious IACA Festival of India. Taking my Indian flag to Atlanta while representing my Indian culture and art gives me immense pleasure. A special thanks to Kamleshji who invited me and the entire team of IACA.”
Speaking about the collection, Verma reveals, “I’ve used different Indian fabrics such as hand-woven Khadi and cotton to represent the true essence of India on the runway. The collection will portray my emotions for India.”
Exults Verma, “It’s a great honour to be representing India at the India Day Parade. Jai Hind!”

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