When Hina Khan got slapped?

Actress Shubhaavi Choksey recently slapped Hina Khan aka Komolika on the set of Kasauti Zindagii Kay! Before you reach a conclusion, let us assure you it was an unintentional act which took place. Shubhaavi who still feels guilty for the entire episode shares what exactly happened.


She says,”There was a scene when Mohini Basu my character had to slap Prerna(Erica) because of all the reasons and consequences. I was in my own zone as I needed to prepare myself. Unfortunately the marks got changed and accidentally I slapped Hina Khan. I did not realise the mark for closure. This is the first time something like this happened in my career and I was so sad after the incident. I just hugged her and told her am sorry. Hina was very sweet and told me to calm down. I understand it was a human error and all this happened unintentionally. This feeling is going to stay with me for sometime. I couldn’t sleep properly that night. I sent Hina a bouquet and also a I’m sorry card. Hina also told me, ‘This happens during shooting and let’s not talk about it now and change the topic.” Shubhaavi has not shot for two days and next whenever she is going on the set she will give Hina a tight hug again

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