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“From Khan to Karna, I’m ready to take up any challenge” – Imran Khan

By Aryeman

Mythological drama and theatrical plays have always had a knack for them amongst the audience and with a change in the time it’s execution has become a broader empathy too. Television and Bollywood actor Imran Khan has taken upon his shoulders to carry this legacy forward with his upcoming mythological play where he portrays the character of ‘Karna’ from Mahabharat.
Imran has always been a promoter of good theatre and has come up with yet another creative from the great writer Ramdhari Singh Dinkar which depicts the heroics of ‘Karna’ of Mahabharat in a musical way. Imran Khan leads the play which is performed in dual Hindi and Sanskrit language.
Ramdhari Singh Dinkar’s one of the finest piece of writing ‘Rashmirathi’, poetry which puts out of shadow the injustice Karna had faced during Mahabharata in a poetic conversation between Karna and Krishna. With ‘Karna’ as the central character of the play, the story highlights another aspect of the Mahabharata.
The poem has been performed theatrically as stage dramas with legendary actors from National School of Drama and various theatre groups some being Ashutosh Rana and Manoj Bajpai.

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