Abraam Pandey – Theatre is like a pulsating dr…

By Aryeman

An actor is an actor. Period. Somehow there has been a compartmentalisation of acting into various zones, be it Television, Films or Theatre. An adventurous actor would surely confirm that it is theatre which gives them immense satisfaction when compared to the other mediums.


Not many know that Abraam Pandey was a banker who found himself getting stifled with the numbers game. His zest for a challenging career got him into modelling and then acting. Watching him perform for his recent theatre foray for ‘Welcome Zindagi’ (a Hindi Play) surely had our eyeballs popping out. Is this the same television actor who made us laugh? The perfection of his split-second character change was truly dramatic. Surely, Abraam has arrived and proved that he’s an actor who can shine even when live on stage.

“Theatre is a pulsating drug for sure”, confesses Abraam. “The high octane energy one gets while being live on stage is surely an adrenaline pumping moment. Once you are on stage, you are transformed into the zone of the character. You cannot falter, your sensitivities improve to be more perfect, to be a team player and the standing ovation is that miraculous booster an actor can ever expect”.


Talking about his play which had theatre stalwarts, Abraam disclosed he was ready for the challenges. The learning from this experience is something he will cherish for a lifetime.

“For someone like me who has never attended any acting school, working with Sudhir Pande ji was a blessing. He’s a dynamo and I surely did learn a lot from him. Theatre has made me more sensitive on how sharp an actor has to be. For all those who say theatre is not remunerative, I would say try it once and you would be hooked”.

You surely got us hooked while we watched you on stage, we eagerly await your film release which is scheduled soon.

Pat Pat Pandey, you nailed it with your perfection!


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