Vikas Gupta’s future plans

By Aryeman

Vikas Gupta who had rightly carved a niche for himself as a creative and a producer, after coming in front of the camera has certainly and definitely left a very loving and a long lasting impact on the audience and his fans.


Vikas has been on a role with Bigg Boss, Ace Of Space, Punchbeat, Khatron Ke Khiladi and now Khatra Khatra Khatra; along with a TV series and web series coming up, he has his hands full. The dashing and talented Vikas won an award for being the – Impactful TV Personality of 2018. It wasn’t just 2018, looks like he shall be leaving a much stronger impact in 2019 as well. Vikas exclaims, “I was deciding to take a break from my work on-screen and focus on my work behind the screen and that’s when I get this. This is a beautiful period for me where Puncchbeat has become the number 1 show for ALT Balaji and Khatron Ke Khiladi ended with being number 1 throughout its run and now we are launching Yeh Ishq Nahee Aasaan for Dangal and Badi Machli for ALT. Lots of gratitude.”

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