Ansh Bagri’s fitness secrets

Actor Ansh Bagri’s is surely the new hottie in town! The actor recently got a new portfolio clicked and all we can say is that the pictures are incredible. Talking about the secret behind his well-chiselled body and ruggedly handsome appeal, he says, “To maintain my lean look, I workout regularly. I don’t eat junk food, I avoid drinking fizzy drinks. When I feel like having something, I do have it, but only for taste, not to fill my stomach. To fill my stomach, I only eat healthy food. I keep myself positive, so whatever is in your mind and it reflects on your face and body. So, in my head, I am always happy and positive,” he says.

Ansh Bagri new 3.JPG

Ask him if he feels actors diet a bit too much to maintain their lean looks, and he says, “Diet is important. Diet does not mean that you should stop eating food. It means that you should eat the correct kind of food. There are some people who stop eating food, so I feel that’s totally incorrect. No one has ever said that if you eat less you will become fit, so eat healthy food with no junk and you will remain fit.”

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