COLORS’ supernatural offering Tantra which explores the world of black magic and its evil effects has kept the viewers at the edge of their seats. In the recent track, Niyati (Sargun Kaur) has set the Khanna mansion free from the clutches of incantation and begins a new chapter of her life with her husband Akshat (Gautam Vij). Just when she thinks all her problems are over, a new problem comes knocking at her door as Akshat is influenced by negative forces. Niyati remains unaware of the fact that the house has attempted expulsion of negative forces on him in order to put her life in danger. As per the current track, Sumati (Juhi Parmar) somehow manages to convince Niyati to spend some quality time with Akshat and as they are on their way to the farmhouse, they will meet Daksh Mehra who will change the dynamics between the couple.

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Entering as the professor of occult sciences, Daksh Mehra, will be television heartthrob, Rohit Khurana. In a chanced encounter, he spots Akshat and recognizes the negative energies that have taken over his mind and body. He gets inquisitive about him and tries to research on the source of the energy and its origin.

Commenting on his new role Rohit Khurana said, “I have worked with COLORS earlier and it has been a great experience. I am glad that this role has been offered to me as it is different than what I have attempted in the past and as an actor. I’ve always been intrigued by the occult and have done quite a lot of reading on it too. Since I play a professor of occultism, I’m reading more to understand better and play my role perfectly.”

Will Daksh be able to help Niyati come free from the shackles of Tantra?