Gurbani Gill’s foodie secrets

By Aryeman

Actor Gurbani Gill gets candid about her love for food.

Gurbani Gill  (3).jpeg

Are you a foodie?

I am like a huge foodie. Every time I come to a food courts or street food shops, I have to really control myself as I get very attracted to food. But I have to stick to my diet. I always reward myself with delicious food or say cheat meals at times. but I control myself too.

What is your food routine or your diet?

In the morning I have a healthy breakfast, I drink a smoothie made up of banana, strawberries, cinnamon and Slim milk. After that, I have toast with avocado spread on it and boiled eggs. At lunchtime, I eat brown rice with chicken or dal.

I don’t have a heavy dinner. I eat boiled eggs or salad or just a glass of milk. Throughout the day, I drink lots of water and juices. Fruits, yogurt and juices are an essential part of my diet too.

What food do you carry while shooting or you eat the food on set?

During the shoot, I take a one-time meal with me depending on the schedule. Usually, it contains salad with a lot of protein with chicken in it or rice with chicken in it. In addition, I carry juice or flavoured water with vitamin C in it. I also carry fruits.

Which food do you keep with you at the time of dubbing or shooting in order to keep yourself energetic? 

I always have a protein bar and a bottle of water with me to keep myself energised.

What is your favourite cuisine?

I just love Italian. The tangy taste of pasta and the crunchy bread makes my mouth water. It just melts in my mouth.

Name a dish cooked by your mother which you like the most?

Chole Puri and Aaloo Ke Parathe cooked by my mother.

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