Shehzad Deol – Delhi is my favourite Indian winter destination

By Aryeman

How special are winters for you?

I have been a Delhi kid all my life, winters are something that I am used to. It is very special for me mainly because I get to wear my favourite clothes. I love wearing jackets and blazers. I love getting dressed perfectly and I get to enjoy that a lot because of winters.

Shehzad Deol.JPG

Do you really enjoy the chilled weather or do you wait for it to just get over…

 I enjoy chilled weather. I am a Delhi kid, we don’t have an option.

Which is your favourite destination to enjoy winters?

London, always and forever… In India, Delhi is my favourite winter destination as I have not travelled much in India.

What are your winter memories where you grew up?

When I was a kid, I used to wear socks and switch on the heater, cover myself with a double blanket and watch TV. We would have typical winter food such as saag and paratha with Makhan and guchuck.

Your favourite snacks in winter

I am not really a big foodie but I like parathas with Makhan.

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