Manasi Varma’s Canandian Winter experience

By Aryeman

How special are winters for you?

Very special because my birthday falls during winters, on January 11th. So I love winters.

Do you really enjoy the chilled weather or do you wait for it to just get over?

I absolutely enjoy the cold weather because your skin remains so good and your mood is also good because of it. You, finally, get to wear jackets, especially in Mumbai, otherwise, you get sick and tired of the heat.

Manasi Varma.jpg

Which is your favourite destination to enjoy winters?

I had gone to Canada recently, about a year ago for an event, and that was during November. It was snowing so much and I went to this beautiful place called Banff. It’s actually like heaven on earth, you feel like you are walking into a painting when you see the beautiful scenery.

What are your winter memories where you grew up?

I am a Bombay person, so my winter memories in Bombay are actually nothing much. But my grandparents used to stay in Delhi when they were alive, so whenever we used to go to Delhi, we would enjoy the winters as the weather there is really very cold.

Your favourite snacks in winter

It’s not a snack actually its a fruit,  I like strawberries,  there are so many strawberry desserts I get to eat or even a strawberry smoothie so I really enjoy strawberries in winter.

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