Krishna Bharadwaj – Winters remind me of my childhood

By Aryeman

How special are winters for you?

Who does not find winters special? Growing up in Ranchi, which is a hilly area, winters have always been special for me. Winters affect me mentally, physically and psychologically. Mentally, I feel cozy all the time, physically, my skin is dry always and you have to use lots of moisturisers and all of that. Psychologically, it reminds me of my childhood and I have lots of memories associated with winters.

Do you really enjoy the chilled weather or do you wait for it to just get over?

I enjoy the chilled weather totally. The chills and thrills of winter give me something which I like experiencing every year.

Krishna Bharadwaj.JPG

Which is your favourite destination to enjoy winters?

My favourite destination would be my hometown Ranchi because it’s chilling there in the winters, with the temperature of 0° C. I have many memories there and I would love to relive them and so I would be visiting my hometown soon.

What are your winter memories where you grew up?

Coming from Ranchi, my first memory is of the fog which we used to have over there. We could never see anything early in the morning every day because of the fog. Then the smoke coming out of our mouth used to excite us. Those new wintery flowers on the trees, sleeping under 2-3 blankets, crying for not taking a bath because of the cold and then having food with ghee.

Your favourite snacks

 All the sweets ghevar, gajar ka halwa, Matar ki kachori, tilkut and many more.

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