Kishori Shahane Vij – Switzerland is my favourite destination in winters

By Aryeman

How special are winters for you?

I love winters because they make you look fresh. Mumbai hardly experiences winter but this year, its nice and chilly. Sometimes you feel like wearing a jacket in the early mornings or late nights and that gives a feeling that global warming has not really harmed our Mumbai winters.

Kishori Shahane Vij.JPG

Do you really enjoy the chilled weather or do you wait for it to just get over…

I enjoy chilled weather, but not the kind of weather when it’s really cold. It should not get into your skin and bones and then you feel uncomfortable. One winter, I went for a holiday to Switzerland with my family. We wore lots of jackets and thermals and all that but the weather was good and the snow around was wonderful. It was a very rare scene that we experienced and we made some snow balls and threw at each other for fun.

Which is your favourite destination to enjoy winters?

Switzerland is my favourite destination in winters because America and other places become too chilled, we can’t survive there. I like to go to Switzerland when the winters are subsiding, so you experience the snow in a few jackets. You don’t have to hide yourself totally in woollen wear.

What are your winter memories?

Once during my childhood, my mom, dad and my sisters and I had gone to our uncle’s place and it was somewhere in the Nasik Farmlands. Over there, it was so cold and we were not prepared and we were literally shivering. So, our aunt gave us lots of woollen clothes and they lit the bonfire in their backyard and then she made some hot kababs and all. My uncle also gave us one spoon of brandy. As kids, it was really exciting to have one spoon of brandy!

Your favourite snacks in winter

I love tandoori chicken and tandoori roti. Tandoor gives you warmth also if you are having a barbeque session. I am not so fond of Bhajiyas but sometimes hot Vada Pav and Bhajiyas will also pass if I am very hungry because winters really make you feel hungry.

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