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Nishant Singh Malkani’s 55 feet jump to stump the audience

By Aryeman

Nishant Singh Malkani (Akshat Jindal of Guddan..Tumse Na Ho Paega) loves the adrenaline rush whenever it comes to performing action sequences. Having explored different aspects as an actor for various challenging scenes in the show, Nishant recently jumped from a height of 55 feet for one of the action sequences in the show. In the upcoming episodes, the Jindal family daughters-in-laws as well as Guddan (Kanika Mann) are held hostage by a group of terrorists. Immediately jumping to their rescue, Akshat steps in as the quintessential knight in shining armour to save his family.

Nishant Singh Malkani jumped off 55 ft for an action seqeunce.JPG

Nishant who was super excited when he heard about the action sequence, quickly got into the ‘Superman’ zone and shot the sequence with a lot of enthusiasm. While the entire crew was a little high-strung and took all the precautions for the shoot, Nishant effortlessly completed the scene in one take.

Nishant said, “I like doing all the action sequences myself and do not like using a dupe. This particular sequence was pretty tricky as I was tied to a harness and had to jump from a considerable height. But I have always believed that one should move out of their comfort zone and push themselves to do more and that is what motivated me.”

Way to go, Nishant! We cannot wait to see you don a Superman avatar on screen.

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