Just 1 Question

When Abhishek Tewari wore a ‘shakkarpara’ necklace?

By Aryeman


abhishek tewari8

Abhishek Tewari: I remember when I was very young, on Makar Sankranti we went to Haridwar and had a holy bath. I am a pahadi guy, so as per our kumaoni culture, we prepare a necklace of homemade shakkarpara sweets as a ritual for prayers and I remember when I was a child, I used to wear that necklace and go on the rooftop to call the crows and offer them these sweets. So that was an interesting ritual that we did. I remember during my school days, I used to have kite fight flying competitions with my cousins every year on Makar Sankranti and everyone from the colony used to participate. I agree that no animals should get hurt in this and a lot of precaution must be taken so that people enjoy this festival with the safety and well being of animals.

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