By Aryeman

Talking about her plan for Christmas, Monica Chaudhary says, “I love to have rum cake on Christmas because it has that traditional or you can say festive feel to it. So, whenever I visit my Catholic friends, they make sure that they get a rum cake for me. Even when I was a kid, my mom used to get rum cake for us on Christmas so somehow it has become a ritual for me. Without it, my Christmas is incomplete.”
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The actor has a lot of memories associated with the festival. “The most cherished memory that I have of Christmas is of the late-night carols that my Catholic neighbours used to sing. I used to sit at my balcony and fall asleep listening to that as if it was a lullaby,” she says.
She adds, “My parents used to play Santa for me and my brother. They used to always fill the socks that we used to leave beneath our pillows with chocolates in the morning. We used to even get gifts from Santa which used to be kept nearby the Christmas tree.”