Soni Singh – Negative roles are more challenging.

By Aryeman

Actor Soni Singh, who has been part of multiple shows, says that each and every project has added to her career. The actor adds that she is still remembered for some of her initial shows. “The prominent shows that I have been part of were Saraswatichandra, which was produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Then there were two reality shows which I did; one is Bigg Boss and the other one was Comedy Nights with Kapil. I was also part of Ghar Ki Laxmi Betiyaan. These are the shows from which my fans recognize me. They still remember me for my roles that means I have done something good,” she says.
Soni Singh11.jpg
The actor has been part of both negative and positive roles in her career. Talking about it, she says, “I’ve done both the roles. I started my career in a negative role for which I have had a really hard time because making those negative faces was really hard for me. I used to follow my seniors like Sudha Chandran, Komolika. I used to see all those actresses who used to play negative roles on in TV especially and I would follow them. I used to not exactly copy them but I would take ideas. Doing positive roles is very easy as you just have to say 2-3 lines with a cute face,” she says, adding, “But, in my career, even positive roles were challenging. In my show Shakira, it was not just a positive role. I was playing a girl with a split personality. It was a very different kind of role which I got play. The amount of drama I had in my negative roles, the same amount of drama I had in my positive roles as well. But negative roles have been slightly more challenging for me because suddenly from a happy mood you have to show anger and get into that negative role.”

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