Fitness tips by Ahwaan Kumar

By Aryeman

Actor Ahwaan Kumar has clearly left everyone stunned with his transformation in the show Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2. The actor has come in shape for the show and looks clearly spectacular. What’s more? He has done this on a vegetarian diet!


Talking about his transformation, he says, “There are a couple of things but the most important thing is dedication, discipline, not compromising on your diet. As now, my call time is of 9 am, so what I do is I go to the gym at 6 am and if in case I have a night shift, I manage to workout around 12 am at night. The most important thing is consistency. There are people who do heavy workout, heavy weight lifting but they don’t have control on their diets. They eat anything and they don’t get the result. You have to be proportionate with your exercise and diet. People say that it should be like 70% workout and 30 % diet, but I feel it should be 50-50.”

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