Divay Dhamija to play negative character in ‘Guddan Tumse na ho payega’

By Aryeman

Popular from playing the negative character in his last Tv serial ‘Agniphera’, Divay Dhamija is all set to enter Zee TV’s ‘Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega’ as a negative character who is parallel to the lead which is played by Nishant Malkani.

Divay Dhamija.jpeg

Divay will be seen playing a rich business man in the show called Mr. Dutta.  When asked Divay about his role he said,” Yes, I am playing a negative character in Guddan, when I was offered the script I liked the role & the character. I knew it would be fun to play this character and that is why I agreed to do this role.I have already began shooting and I would love to see how the audience reacts to my character in the serial.”

When asked if there are any similarities in both of the negative character that he has played he said, I cannot speak a lot about my character in Guddan right now but yes, the role is different from what I played in Agniphera. In Agniphera, I was playing a lover who is ready to kill for his love but in Guddan I will be seen playing a businessman who is fighting against the main lead.”

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