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Karan Johar stands in support of a queer contestant on India’s Got Talent season 8


By Aryeman

Freedom of choice needs to be respected especially when it comes to sexuality preferences. Gender and sexuality has always been a very sensitive topic that is considered a taboo.

Bidhisha Mohanta from Kolkata, who had the judges fall in love with her voice and bagged a lot of appreciation not only for her talent, but also for her courage, as she opened up about her sexual orientation on the stage. Being a lesbian and facing repudiation did not stop her from pursuing her talent. The jury were extremely proud that she showed extreme courage to accept herself with confidence and demonstrate her talent of singing to the world, without any inhibitions.

Seeing her confidence, Karan Johar said, “When people constantly proclaim to be straight and decide what is right or not, they are usually the most ‘teda’ people, so be proud of yourself. Even I was mocked by many people in my childhood because of the way I walked, spoke etc. but I did not give in to their mockery and did not change anything about myself.  Rather I walked right in front of them and chose a career that made me what I am today. No one has the right to tell anyone if one should cry like a girl, walk like a boy etc.  I believe you should be who you are and be proud of yourself. I am what I am and thoroughly proud of myself and my choices”.

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