Actor Sonam K Ahuja has shared her thoughts on the #MeToo movement on Thrive Global India’s platform, in the wake of a series of allegations and reports that have emerged over the last few months, affecting, among others, the Hindi film industry. The first guest editor for the platform, Sonam has asked readers to join movement that has galvanised the world.



#MeToo is a movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault and Sonam calls it as “as eye-opening and devastating as it has been exhilarating”.  She gives nine simple suggestions that can help everyone—women, men—to be part of this sweeping change.  “Believe the survivors” she writes, for “we owe them, at the least, our trust and support.” She calls for a change in the patriarchal mindset and the importance of understanding consent; a halt to sexist jokes and labelling; and a focus on empowering women by hiring them in key roles as pivotal decision makers.

“It should be about survivors and perpetrators, about making the society less misogynist, entitled and changing how we think,” she writes. “It’s time to transform the naysayers into supporters, to join the movement in full force and oppose every act—even a suggestion—of abuse and discrimination.”