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Rithvik Dhanjani gets side-lined on IGT


By Queen Bitch

My heart bleeds for my Sindhi chokra (and that too Dubai-wala) whenever I watch him on India’s Got Talent. He’s just been reduced to an extra with no mileage when it comes to dialogues or gags. Most of the time, it is motti Bharti Singh who seems to be capitalizing on the scenes. Yes, she has carved a niche for herself on the comedy front but bechara Rithvik Dhanjani…why are you continuing with playing second fiddle?

Even your buddies Ravi Dubey and Karan Wahi have always had better screen space whenever they anchored any of such shows. Maybe they won’t offer you tips? But ek baat for you my habibi, put your foot down ya, you can’t be bulldozed by your co-anchor.

A recent update which came to us that Rithvik finally did put his foot down and ensured he got his share of mileage. He was part of a rap song featuring RJ Malishka. Kudos to this Sindhi!


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