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Aditi Gupta – I think the TRP system is bogus.



By Aryeman

Actor Aditi Gupta, who is seen in Ravindra Gautam’s Kaal Bhairav 2, is not a big fan of the TRP system. The actor says that somewhere it is this system which stops makers from trying out new things. “I think it is bogus…I don’t know how it works because no one knows how they calculate the numbers. It’s never been explained, so I don’t know how it is been done. But people still believe it and we go by it. I think because of the TRP system, I’ve seen that people are not trying to be more creative. People are not trying to evolve themselves because they think that if this thing is working, let it work as we are anyways getting the TRPs. I think TRPs are not required but if it won’t be there, I feel some shows here will be going on and on for years,” she says.

Meanwhile, Aditi loves being part of Kaal Bhairav 2 and is especially fond of the title. “I think it’s unique and interesting. It says a lot about the show and what it’s based on. But to know about the show, you will have to watch it. It sounds very strong as a topic, but doesn’t give out too much,” she says.

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