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What’s Sony SAB TV’s ‘Mangalam Dangalam’ all about

By Aryeman


Sony SAB, aligned to its promise of spreading happiness, will soon be launching a new fiction show, ‘Mangalam Dangalam – Kabhi Pyaar Kabhi Vaar’.  Produced by Ashvini Yardi of Viniyard Films, the show is a hilarious take on the quintessential ‘dangal’ between a father-in-law and his son-in-law. The show premieres on November 13, Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM only on Sony SAB.

Due to strong emotional bonds, it’s never easy for a father to give his daughter away in marriage. But love charts its course and the time comes for the girl to leave her father’s comfortable nest to be with the man of her dreams. This show revolves around the bond between a prospective groom – Arjun, and his prospective father-in-law, Sanjeev Saklecha. While Arjun is willing to stop at nothing to convince Sanjeev that he is the best man for his daughter. Sanjeev is of the firm opinion that his princess deserves better than the best.

Nagarjuna Kutty or Arjun played by Karanvir Sharma belongs to a south Indian family based in Indore. He is a handsome eligible bachelor and a lawyer by profession, the only sane factor in the premise of the show.  Arjun crosses paths with a simple and free-spirited Rumi played by Manisha Rawat. As time passes, Arjun grows fonder of Rumi and falls in love with her. Rumi’s father, Sanjeev Saklecha, played by veteran Manoj Joshi, is a shrewd upper middleclass business man. A self-made man, Sanjeev’s hard work has given him a good standing in the city. Rumi has been raised like a princess by her father. Rooted to traditions and virtues of the Indian family system, she respects her elders. She is very close to her father and looks up to him to take all the decisions of her life. Arjun is faced with the seemingly impossible task of convincing Rumi’s father for her hand in marriage. What begins is a tug of war between Arjun and Sanjeev, with one wanting to take Rumi away and the other adamant on making her stay back.

Sanjeev’s wife Sangeeta Saklecha (Anjali Gupta) is a stereotypical housewife, a simple, homely woman, always concerned about the well-being of her family. Arjun’s mother, Charulata Kutty (Anita Kulkarni), is a law professor in Indore, a strict mother and a conventionalist while his father – Venkatesh Kutty (Abhay Kulkarni) – is a retired lawyer and consultant who prefers spending his time practicing music and cracking jokes in front of his wife, Charulata. Other pivotal characters include the witty and fun loving Dadi (Shubha Khote), Arjun’s sister Lalitha (Kritika Sharma) and Rumi’s brother Sahil (Pravisht Mishra).

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