Vibha Bhagat on being part of Papa By Chance: I relate to much to my character

By Aryeman

Actor Vibha Bhagat, who is seen in Sonali and Amir Jaffer’s (Full House Media) Papa By Chance, loves her character. The actor says that the role has a lot of layers and is very relatable. “I am playing the role of Bela Amrit’s mother in Papa By Chance. It’s a very strong character. More than a mother, she is a friend to her daughter. She is fun loving and believes in the power of love. She wants her daughter to marry Yuvaan as they both have grown up together. She is known by Jugni Jagrate in the colony. She is very famous and respectable in society. She is very helpful and caring too. She is fond of fancy things and always wants to be presentable. She runs a parlour in the show and is a fitness freak,” says Vibha, who has been part of shows such as Ladies Special and Amma Ji Ki Gaali and has been doing theatre since the last 17 years.

The actor says that she relates a lot to her character. “I am very straightforward in life. I always believe in the truth and I relate so much to my character. The one difference that is there between my real and reel self is that on the show, I have kids but in real life, I am single. In reel life, I have an Indian touch to my styling sense but in real life, I love to dress in Indo-western clothes,” she says.

Besides her role, she loves the show’s title as well. “I think the title is very unique and it’s what has attracted the audience. It’s a story that every generation can connect with, maybe a youngster, a kid or an older person,” she says.

Vibha also loves working with Sonali and Amir. “It is my first show with them. Everyone is cooperative and very respectable. It has been a great experience with them. The atmosphere is like a family. The content in the scripts is amazing,” she says, adding, “Where there is Vibha Bhaghat, all the scenes are interesting. Everyone stays like a family. One day we were waiting for the shot so we started painting the room. Everyone, even Arishfa, Dhoni and Ullu started painting their room to pass time.”

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