What’s Star Plus new show KarnSangini all about?

Screenshot (75)_1.png

By Aryeman

StarPlus raises the curtains on a brand new genre – mytho-romance – with Shashi and Sumeet Mittal’s ‘KarnSangini’. It narrates the never-seen-before tale of a royal princess Uruvi who chose her love and stood by it against all odds.

The princess of the prosperous kingdom of Pukhya is promised by her mother to Kunti for her son, warrior prince of the Pandavas – Arjun. However, things change with the arrival of Karn, the man with a golden armour, shiny hair and daunting personality who challenges the supremely skilled combatant Arjun. Son of a charioteer, Karn leaves everyone astonished with his moves, but Uruvi loses her heart out to him at his very first glance. Little did she know that in the path to get her man, she would have to lose everything that she has.

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