Dinesh Sudarshan Soi – The Busiest Casting Director In Bollywood.

sonia & dinesh soi 1.jpg

Casting Director Dinesh Sudarshan Soi may be the busiest casting director in the industry. It’s not us, it’s his latest feat at India Book Of Records that’s suggesting this. The casting director has been added in the book of records for Maximum Casting In The World for having done casting for as many as 4500 projects!

Ask the busy bee about this new feat and he says, “I never counted my projects, I just kept on doing my work. It was when I was awarded with this mention did I notice the work I’ve earned to my name has been staggering!” exclaims Dinesh modestly.”
Elaborating on the countless projects Dinesh Soi has done casting for he says, “Like I mentioned, I hadn’t actually sat down to think of it until the India Book of Records happened. Now that I look back, I may have done casting for 1000 films comprising of Hollywood & International films, Festival films, Short films, Punjabi films, Gujarati films and quite a few South Indian movies apart from my mainline work being in Hindi Film Industry. I have also worked on numerous ad films and 2000 plus music videos !” 
Phew! But that’s not all, the casting director is in no mood to slow down! “This is just the beginning. In fact such awards and accolades motivate me more to give my best. I am very excited about this new project I have worked on and I really want to see my work translate on screen.”

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